4 thoughts on “Scent Hive at The Perfume Magazine

  1. Hi Trish! I read and loved your review. It made me think about how some citrus notes can lend such an incredible quality to vanilla, woods or even incense compositions. Like you had mentioned, it’s not about the citrus, it’s about what it can do for the vanilla. I’m also thinking about Atelier Cologne Vanille Incensee, which has a lime top note, but when I use it, all I think is “Ahhh, fresh, bright vanilla!”. It’s so interesting how skill in blending can make a composition so seamless.

    1. Thanks so much Carrie! I know what you mean about AC’s Vanille Incense’s similar use of citrus, but it’s an entirely different fragrance. You must give Vanille Botanique a try, it’s much less sweet and more boozy.

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