Guerlain Apres L’Ondee


I’m not going to write many reviews for “traditional” perfumes on Scent Hive unless it is really, really special. And well, Apres L’Ondee is really, really special. It’s difficult to know where to begin discussing this fabled perfume, as so much has already been poetically written in its regard. It’s been said to makes one’s heart sing, be worthy of a Pablo Neruda poem, and even bring clarity to the Tao Te Ching. How does one follow that? Simply by saying I agree, and I’ll match it with my own lyrical association.


When5268 I wear Apres L’Ondee I feel like I am listening to Tears For Fears’ Songs From the Big Chair. I know that I am narrowing my demographic here, but you know who you are, and you know what I mean. Every song from that album is melancholic, bewitching, and haunting; yet utterly accessible. Just like Apres L’Ondee, the fragrance named for sunlight after a rainshower. This may be sacreligious for some of you Apres L’Ondee worshippers that I am comparing this beloved perfume to an 80’s pop album. But trust me, it’s a really good album.


yhst-28138111413323_2039_406302397In all seriousness. I do love Songs From the Big Chair and I do love Apres L’Ondee. Both evoke a nostalgic longing that is at once melancholic and hopeful. There is something vintage-esque about violets and you can’t help but want to reminisce in their presence. Fortunately, Apres L’Ondee does not allow for protracted despondent reflection as the bergamot provides a green and uplifting opening and iris asserts itself at the heart with its floral edge. The vanilla base then keeps it smooth and sweet around those edges, so if you were about to cry over a broken memory, you’ve been given the softest pillow to lay your head. Apres L’Ondee is so lovely as you will read on many blogs, and as they say, it’s just heartbreakingly gorgeous. 


~Decants of Apres L’Ondee are available at The Perfumed Court

 Posted by ~Trish

photograph by superiphi on flickr