Revolution Organics: Gorgeous Glosses, Beautiful Blushes

Finding a 100% natural lip gloss is more challenging than you might think. Many companies call themselves “green,” natural,” and “organic” but you’ll still find synthetic chemicals, dyes and petroleum products in their ingredient lists. Not so with Revolution Organics. They’re the real deal. Not only does their lipgloss not contain synthetics, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals or artificial ingredients, at least 85% of the ingredients are certified organic.

There are 5 shades to choose from, and I have tested three of them. I bought “Integrity” (the one in the middle) at least six months ago and am due for a new tube as I wear it almost daily. It’s a lovely “your lips but better” (YLBB) rosy shade with the slightest suggestion of warm shimmer. The consistency is perfect as far as I’m concerned. It’s got a little bit of that thick texture you want from a gloss so that it clings and lasts on your lips, but it never becomes goopy or overly sticky. It glides on effortlessly, feels incredibly nourishing and has absolutely no scent. “Vibe” (on the far right) is also a YLBB gloss, but is a brownish peachy color that got a little swallowed up by the pigment of my lips. I prefer “Integrity,” but would love to see “Vibe” on someone with a lighter complexion.

Finally, “Truth,” (second from the left) the brightest and darkest of the three creates a stunning sheer-fuchsia lip. It looks much darker in the tube than on your lips, but compared to “Integrity” and “Vibe” it is more pigmented and also has a more noticeable sparkle. Since I am so inclined to love pink, “Truth’s” hot-pink cuteness is hard to pass-up.

If it wasn’t enough to nail it in the lipgloss arena, Revolution Organics also has put out a mighty fine blush. They call it a Beauty Balm since it can also be used on the lips, or anywhere you choose to put it on your face. As pictured above, the colors from left to right are: “Blushed”, “Sunkissed” and “Bronzed”. “Blushed” is like the stick version of the “Truth” gloss, a bright hot pink that is beautiful, but admittedly a little intimidating for me to put on my cheeks. I applied it very lightly with my fingertips which gave me that “just in from the cold look” and was very flattering on my olive toned skin. Any more than a light tapping and blending, and I would have swiftly moved into clown territory. On the lips, “Blushed” is gorgeous. I don’t normally go for such intensely bright pinks on my lips, but it’s easy to control “Blushed’s” color when applied with your fingertips. And when you swipe a little “Truth” lipgloss on top, it’s a knock-out!

“Sunkissed” is a peach blush that has both brown and pink in it, creating a very natural look. I applied the stick directly to my skin, and then blended with my fingers. I did the same with “Bronzed” which is a brown toned bronzer…no orange to be found in there! I loved the warm, subtle glow it created. All of the Beauty Balms create a dewy look and feel very moisturizing. Like the lipglosses, the Beauty Balms have no scent, are 100% natural and are made with 85% certified organic ingredients.

I was also able to sample the All-Over Skin Creme, Lip Balm, and All-Over Body Balm. The Skin Creme is wonderful. It has a lovely citrus smell, moisturizes effectively and comes in a tube that fits easily into your handbag. I’m heading to San Francisco this weekend, and it’s coming with me! The Lip Balm didn’t impress me as much. The texture was too thin, and frankly, my holy grail is Dr. Hauschka’s Lip Care Stick and that’s hard to compete with. On the other hand, I did really like the All-Over Body Balm as a lip balm. Not quite as much as my Dr. H, but almost, and that’s saying a lot.

Freedom Lipgloss $25, Freedom Glow Beauty Balm $34, All Over Skin Creme $33, Lip Balm $22, All Over Body Balm $22: Available at

Disclosure: Samples from the company’s PR agency were provided for this review. The opinons in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


Josie Maran Plumping Lipgloss and Eye Liner


* Currently Josie Maran Cosmetics is non-compliant in their Compact for Safe Cosmetics.  Additionally, Josie Maran cosmetics does not appear to be as green as they are marketing themselves to be because of their use of ingredients such as polybutene, butylene glycol, hexylene glycol, and synthetic D&C dyes. Please see the article Greenwasher Exposed: Josie Maran at Feelgoodstyle for more information.

My Josie Maran Earth Day Essentials Kit arrived last week and overall I am very pleased with every item. It’s a great buy, and I recommend getting it if you’re interested in Josie Maran’s line of natural*, petrochemical-free*, paraben-free, phthalate-free, cosmetics. I’ll review all of the products in the kit, but will start with the Plumping Lip Gloss and Eye Liner for today.

I consider myself a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I’ll use tinted moisturizer on certain days or possibly some pressed mineral powder if I feel the need, (Jane Iredale’s is my favorite). But I rarely go without a little eyeliner and lipgloss, so that’s why I’m starting with these two.

Josie Maran’s Eye Liner in black is not for the faint of heart. It performs like a heavy duty kohl liner and is blacker than black. When I first put it on I felt like I should light up a clove cigarette, turn on The Cure and dance myself back to the year 1985. But since I’m not likely to do that, at least not the clove cigarette part, I’ll tell you that I very lightly applied the liner to my waterline, and then smudged it. I loved the effect. It gave a really subtle, smoky look, but was acceptable for a daytime Trader Joe’s run. This could easily be glamed up for the evening with a heavier hand.

In my HAIR post I said that I quit all non-green products “cold turkey” save for my hair products. I have to confess that was a bit for dramatic effect. I did wait until many of my products ran out before I replaced them, as there is no sense in wasting things. I still have a few last vestiges of non-green products that I am still waiting to use up, and one is my Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in Khaki. Man, how I love that non-green thing. It’s the best eyeliner I have ever used. It ranks a 10 out of 10. But it’s made with petrochemicals and parabens, and I’ve been wondering what I’m going to do when it finally runs out. Thankfully, Josie Maran’s is a 9 out of 10 (I docked 1 point for the time it takes to smudge) and I’m hoping her brown liner is a 10 out of 10.

I am also duly impressed with her Plumping Lip Gloss. Not for its supposed plumping action which I could care less about and saw no signs of, but because it’s a great looking, moisturizing gloss. I felt a slight tingling sensation when I applied it, but it was short lived and I was only aware of it when I was thinking about it for this review. The Earth Day Essentials Kit comes with Daring, a sheer peachy pink imbued with subtle shimmer that does not require a mirror for application. Yay for “your lips but better” glosses! The gloss goes on smoothly with a brush-tipped wand that does not seem to be at risk for splaying out like an old broom as the Bobbi Brown ones do. (You Bobbi Brown fans know what I’m talking about). And this may be a pro or con for some, depending on if you care if your gloss tastes or smells, but Josie Maran’s gloss has a sweet fruity taste and a mild vanilla scent that lasts about five minutes.

If you don’t want to buy the whole Earth Day Essentials Kit, and would prefer to try just one or two of Josie Maran’s products, they are on sale at the Barney’s website, (6/9/09 Update: looks like everything is sold out) as they must have decided to not carry the line anymore. From their sale selection, I have also used her Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 which I really like as well as the Lip Gloss (the non-plumping one). And if you keep your Barney’s order under $50 the shipping is only $5.

posted by ~Trish